Cognition and Learning Assessments provide an up to date profile of a pupil’s learning strengths and difficulties, giving information about their underlying ability, cognitive processing and literacy skills.

Cognition and Learning Assessments are carried out by a Specialist Teacher with an additional post graduate qualification in the fields of child development/learning difficulties.

Assessments will include the following:

  • 1:1 assessment of the pupil which may include a classroom observation.
  • Discussion with SENCo and/or key members of staff.
  • Written report with advice and guidance.
  • Meeting to feed back to parents and/or staff.
  • Discussion with school to review progress towards recommended outcomes.

Costs: From 1st April 2024

  1. Basic cost
    Standard Rate: £629.00
  2. VAT at 20%
    Standard Rate: £125.80
  3. TOTAL including VAT
    Standard Rate: £754.80