Communication and Interaction Assessments provide a preliminary assessment of a pupil’s learning in relation to their Communication and Interaction needs in school. Pupils may or may not have an additional Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) diagnosis.

Communication and Interaction Assessments are carried out by a Specialist Teacher with an additional post graduate qualification in the field of Communication and Interaction.

Assessments will include some, or all of the following, as appropriate:

  • School based observation.
  • Direct work with the pupil.
  • Meeting with parent/carer(s).
  • Liaison with SENCo and/or other key members of staff.
  • Initial screening for identification of potential sensory processing differences.
  • Guidance on conducting a sensory environmental audit.
  • Written summary with advice and guidance.
  • Discussion with school within one term, to review progress towards recommended outcomes.

Costs: From 1st April 2024

  1. Basic cost
    Standard Rate: £629.00
  2. VAT at 20%
    Standard Rate: £125.80
  3. TOTAL including VAT
    Standard Rate: £754.80