Policy statement and principles

From time to time, it may not be possible for a pupil to be in school to work with a SEND Supported consultant. In this eventuality, SEND Supported and the school
SENCo may discuss the value of working remotely with the pupil at home, via Teams/Zoom/Skype. Work will be agreed in principle with an identified learning
outcome and the school Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) will be informed. The SENCo will make contact with the parent/carer to explain and endorse the
proposed session/s and will send home a copy of the SEND Supported Parent Privacy Notice and Consent Letter, if consent is not already in place.


To be reviewed by Jan 2024

Safeguarding measures when working remotely with a pupil

  • Written parent agreement will be provided prior to the first session.
  •  Working will be in keeping with Warwickshire Safeguarding arrangements for all Warwickshire schools during COVID-19 school closures, Effective from w/b 23rd
    March 2020.
  • A parent/carer will be at home and close by.
  •  No staff member should use their own ICT or telephone equipment; or private message children.
  • Staff will use only SEND Supported designated laptops/ipads to video conference.
  • All usual school policies will be followed, including the child protection, staff behaviour and ICT acceptable use policies.
  • The SEND Supported consultant will update the SENCo after each session.